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I have never and, probably, will never be able to fully follow a pre-defined recipe for “how to”, regardless of the subject. Narrow-minded, some would say, but somehow there is some adversity for me in reaching to the core experience held by an individual speaking or writing about the “proper” road to a certain destination – be it celebrity, happiness or any other pot of gold. After all, as I have recently learned from someone who knows better, <<everything is marketing>>, so although I can’t blame someone for trying to sell an image or a product, all things are part real, part subject to interpretation of the storyteller.

The same applies to branding and brand management – the concept has not always got to me and actually tell the right story for my ears to hear, although I admit that, as recently heard at a conference on counterfeiting, branding is the ante-chamber of any proper trademark and commercial name in business. Proper positioning on the market and well-marketed ideas can lead to strong trademarks, which in turn lead to less headaches for IP lawyers when it comes to defending the trademark from potential infringers.

Nonetheless, have a go and listen to Bobby Hundreds talking about his 11-years experience of building a brand in men’s apparel

You can find his entire “10 rules on brand building” here: http://thehundreds.com/brandbuilding/

What I like the most is the “consistency consistently” aspect of everything – you have to deliver to get out there and you have to deliver to remain out there.

Also, in the ever-changing landscape of today, “I do a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing” motto could prove to be the stuff that current and next generations are made of.

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