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To keep everybody up to speed on this, an two-men team (part of the video-sharing Mobli team in Tel-Aviv) developed Yo, a new-generation app that does only it's name says: it sends a two-letter neighbourhoody type of hello to your friends in your phonebook.

No, it's really just that. Check it out:

According to ratings and reviews - both by users in the App Store and Google Play, and also by tech websites - Yo has at least as many detractors as followers. About 800k users have downloaded so far, and, as with the app-bubble nowadays, Yo has already attracted investment of 1.2 million $. Impressive, knowing that it has been coded in approximately 8 hours.

But is it actually just a stupid app, benefiting from the largescale laziness of communication nowadays? I'd rather see it as a gateway to bridging human interaction to back in the days when we had only phone calls and text messaging to use on our phones. Yo tends, and may overcome Twitter, Facebok and other social networks in terms of instant messaging, because it takes only one word, takes advantage of its infinite meaning, and makes someone realise that you were thinking about them, in a certain way.

Yo replaces the written "Hey, how are you?" which necessarily needs and awaits an answer. Yo is cheeky, thoughtful and simple. Chances are, you may pick-up the phone and call the person who Yo-ed you (yes, the term will be coined pretty soon) and engage in actual personal interaction like back in the old days. You will also not feel a pressure of knowing you will be lambasted if you don't answer your Whatsapp message instantly.

If developed properly, Yo could enable us to have more time for the things that actually should matter to us, including while using our phone. Then, it may lead to a race of other social platforms to adapt to the new trend. Yo could integrate all contact details that we know about a person, and we could Yo them everywhere to show them that we think about them.

But, then again - Yo may just be another fun tool.

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