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Inspired by a SEO course on Udemy, I've decided to start a series of posts on cool content I've found and shared on Twitter in the past 24 hours, as a distinct section of this blog. Twitter is not very well marketed and used here in Romania, so fingers crossed on a miracle to which I may make a little contribution!

So - here goes Twitter Roll #1:

  • Seth Godin has written a concise piece on how we pay attention to critics to much in our search for creativity.
  • For all you budding entrepreneurs out there - Cult of Mac published an article on Merek Davis' succesful Mextures app and how he switched from not knowing what to do with a product to reaching out to the ideal people to help him do just that. Caution: some trial-and-error is involved.
  • Business Insider is talking about Steve Ballmer - former CEO of Microsoft - and his excessive (or inspired, maybe?) bid made in order to take over the NBA team, LA Clippers. Steve Ballmer might not know much about basketball, but he sure knows how to engage his co-workers like no one else and this might help running a NBA franchise on a bad streak of games. For beauty of it, let's unleash "the beast" one more time:
  • Entrepreneur Magazine tweeted that an Airbnb guest has refused to depart, pay, and now has tenant rights under California law. Apparently, in California, if you stay more than 30 days in a place, regardless of your rights or lack of those, you get to be considered a tenant. Businesses that involve sharing have some funny risks attached to them.
  • TechCrunch gave tribute to Jimmy Kimmel's inspiration - he went out on the streets of Hollywood with an old Casio watch with an Apple sticker on it, asking people what they're impression was of the new smartwatch from Apple. The result - "If it's Apple, it's good".
  • VentureBeat had an opinion on Instagram's pending release of Bolt, the one-tap photo messaging app prepared to take some chunk of Snapchat's market share. Instagrammers were presented with an ad for downloading Bolt, but it actually led to a dead-end in Google Play Store - marketing strategy or marketing flop?
  • Finally, since I mentioned Udemy, I've taken up a short, 5-video course on SEO to sharpen my skills preparing for the launch of our team's anonymous, aggregated, real feedback photo-sharing app later this year. Check out Udemy - they have a lot of cool courses on sale, especially realted to coding and mobile development.


BONUS: To cool down a little bit - for everybody in Romania next weekend, check out Castle Break, where you can visit forgotten or abandoned castles and mansions all over the country. Edition no. 4 takes place on 2-3 August, includes a night of star and meteor-shower gazing and you can sign up only up until today (25 July).

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