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Here's the coolest stuff I've come across and shared on Twitter on 25 July - let's engage @TudStanciu and further talk about these!

  • Deepak Chopra wrote a compelling, heart-warming piece about how to give in to the type of success that suits you best, by using the Indian term "Dharma" - the universe plots with you if you are where you have to be. Only thing remaining is to also plot for yourself, I would say.
  • Business Insider tackled Bubblews and Bonzo Me, two new social platforms that want to share content revenue with their users by giving them one cent for each type of engagement, be it post viewing, liking or commenting. Following Facebook's announcement that it earns approximately $ 1 billion over 30 days, it is a question of scalability (Bubblews' user base is mostly from Asia, at the moment) and trust for these platforms.
  • The Next Web reported on Hotel Wifi Test, the platform allowing you to see what hotels have the best and worst wi-fi connections, around the world, by user reviews. Or, as Marc Andressen astutely stated it:
  • Michael Hyatt took on the dangerous paradigm of perfectionism - long story short, it truly does not help you to wait for the right moment, because it will not appear. Wrap up one project, in order to start another.
  • TechCrunch justreachedout (intended) to start-ups in dire need for a proper PR without breaking the piggy bank by bringing forward JustReachOut, which, for currently $25 a month, gives access to customisable draft pitch e-mails and a database of e-mail addresses of various editors, where start-ups can write to ask to get featured. The final aim is to turn JustReachOut into a low-cost PR consultancy firm for start-ups. Oh, and here are TechCrunch's staff e-mail addresses if you need them - you're welcome.
  • Last, but not least, Weave was featured in VentureBeat, and it's the Tinder for LinkedIn - you connect with professionals near you and ask if they want to meet. I've installed it yesterday and even exchanged some tweets with the guys (after referencing them badly, they nicely redirected me, so kudos to them)

BONUS: For those entrepreneurs that probably already sold their business to some major corporation (and haven't spent all their cash on the after-party) - Omega rolled out an anniversary watch, in honor of Buzz Aldrin's Speedmaster Chronograph which he was wearing 45 years ago when landing on the moon. Yes, Buzz Aldrin traveled like a true sir and yes, although neat, the price of the watch is $8,300.

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