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Here are the top stories I've tweeted on 26 July 2014:

  • This story is a bit older - TechCrunch reported on Yahoo acquiring mobile analytics app Flurry and getting a firmer foothold in the mobile industry, which seems like a wise move since their engine searching, alas via Bing, cannot cut a big enough chunk out of Google's market share. What's more interesting here is the rumor building up prior to the official announcement - one poster in Secret, the anonymous sharing app, stated that

The price will be low if it’s value[d] as an ad tech company, high if it’s valued based on the analytics SDK footprint. Marisa [sic] likes to overpay for things.


  • TechCrunch also announced that Google has received 91,000 requests to remove from indexing links containing personal information, following the European Court's of Justice decision in May. Apart from stating that it accepted just a little over half of the requests, there is little to no information of the criteria used to analyse all these requests.
  • Good piece on MobileDevHQ about busted myths revolving around burst campaigns used to get users to download an app and rank high in app stores, tipping that good marketing involves well-placed and thought-through "bursting", but only as part of a bigger plan to market.
  • PsyBlog provided some insight on why it is good to engage with strangers every now and then. We are living surrounded by people, so it is quite unfortunate to be uncomfortable surrounded by them.


BONUS: No bonus today. It's weekend, enjoy yourselves out there!

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