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Source: zazzle.co.uk

Source: zazzle.co.uk

Here is the weekly selection of best tweeted content between 18 and 24 January 2015:

  • Freitag works from Switzerland with resources around Europe to produce biodegradable clothes, without any rebated on quality or, more important, work conditions of people in third-world countries - Fast Company covered their story;
  • Andy Kessler took a stance over why tech journalists are not covering the real pitfalls of the bitcoin industry as they should, especially amid the flamboyance surrounding the Silk Road lawsuit or the currency's value crash;
  • Slack's Stewart Butterfield was as blissfully unaware of the causes for his startup's success, as only a serial failed entrepreneur could be, but he also is not afraid of competition coming from Facebook, as VentureBeat reported;
  • If you're in the UK, hop on DeskBeers' band wagon of craft beer delivery - a good chance to mingle on-office premises with coworkers and enjoy a quality brewed product;
  • When a large player acts, it means there is still something worth looking out there: Alibaba invested in Visualead's QR code technology - be on the lookout for more uses in the retail brick and mortar, as it gets more and more connected with online premises;
  • A lesson for everybody trying to build mass products: follow the lead of the many conservatives and not of the few liberals - case in hand with Middle America in this piece by Vic Gatto;
  • Italian pride at its best: Prosecco producers filed a claim with the British Food Standards and Intellectual Property Office against bars and pubs selling the product out of a keg instead of bottle, as European regulation requires.


QUOTE OF THE WEEK: "Software will need to be open to win." (Mike Driscoll while commenting on acquisition of Revolution Analytics - producer of R, the statistical programming language - by Microsoft)

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