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Online advertising means both spending big budgets and have as great returns as your network of users is. Take Facebook, for instance, and it's huge $2.5 billion coming from mobile ads only. As techniques have become more and more sophisticated, ads transformed into useful content tailored to each user's online behaviour.

While big companies mean big advertising budgets, enabling them to experiment with a rather loose attitude towards the money being spent, SMEs and startups alike have more constraints on overboarding their spending on ads. This, in turn, indirectly requires a more in-depth, straightforward control over sums invested and ROI in order to swiftly decide to reallocate budgets. Also bear in mind that companies with limited financial resources and important workloads cannot, usually, outsource "advertising safety management" (editor's note), and when they can, they're usually passed the status of up-and-coming venture. At the confluence of the difficulties of SMEs and the big relevance that real-time bidding (RTB) brings for advertising, we now find Bidable.com


Help yourself with some real-time bidding

Help yourself with some real-time bidding

Bidable dubs itself as the dashboard solution that SMEs need in order to keep track of all their RTB campaigns. The team is based on two continents and three offices, promising access to 95% of Internet users in both Europe and the US at more than 40 billion impressions per month on all devices. Using complex algorithms, Bidable eliminates of any potential guesswork usually involved in choosing the best ways to spend your ad budget on RTB campaigns. Spending is kept under control because you're allowed to purchase ad space on a per impression basis, targetting only what you want to target - both people and markets.

The show doesn't end here - campaigns may be tracked and ended at any time, if they do not prove to be worthy of backing up. There's also a twist in Bidable's functioning model: instead of targetting a selected publisher and hope that users of the publisher's website will interact with your ad, you select the people you need targeted and the medium of targetting. Speaking of targetting, there are various options, from demographic to site or device targetting.

In terms of pricing, there is no fixed monthly fee and you are taxed based on how much you use Bidable's platform. The processess behind it are pretty much automated, so human interaction on maintenance is fairly inexistent. We can't wait to get our hands on the platform, so we'll update this with grading updates for Bidable after we'll try using it for one of our products.

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