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It's the age of mobility and pocket-size resources, and the most difficult tasks involve getting immaterial goods within easy reach as well. At the same time, slavery is still present - now portable devices control our mornings, daily commutes and lunch breaks. The only times we get to cut the leash is in those awful (for some) times when handhelds go to sleep due to lack of battery power. Until Tesla builds that battery to power our appliances and other objects around the house - and probably mobile devices as well, there are enough everyday scenarios that would need a proper ending in which phones and tablets do not lose their power and leave us longing for power outlets within reach. Luckily, Shenzen, China-based Monzgear is leading what looks to turn out as a successful IndieGogo campaign for their CarGo Power charger.

"(It's) The fastest car charged power bank on the planet; CarGo Power stores enough power in 1 hour to recharge six iPhones or Smartphones."

William Choi, CEO Monzgear

CarGo Power is currently in prototype stage, and it can be recharged using your car’s cigarette lighter, a standard Wall socket and a USB port - depending on success, the team plans to make available other sources of charging as well, such as solar energy. It takes about one hour to fully charge the device, and in only 5 minutes you can get enough power for one full iPhone charge.

Comparison between types of charging devices

Comparison between types of charging devices

It's not only good for a smartphone recharge; CarGo Power can charge anything from a camera to portable printers, being ideal for those times in remote areas where you need power to hold a presentation or workshop in front of an audience, and there is an outage going on. It basically stores approximately 12,000 mAh of power. Also, the casing is pretty resistant to shocks, and the aluminium coating keeps it to a low temperature even when charging multiple devices at a time - because it can charge up to four devices at the same time.

The crowd-funding campaign has already amassed more than half of its $3,000 goal - needed to successfully build its final prototype - in only one week, and the campaign has the odds in its favor of easily surpassing tenfold the goal in the remaining 44 days of campaigning. There are still twenty-seven $49 pledges left in order to get your Smart Bird CarGo Power device submitted to you in June 2015, when shipment will being.

The Monzgear team is subsidized by Mobile Action, a company with a decade of experience in providing Original Electronic Manufacturers with the highest quality wireless electronic components, so hardware knowledge should not be a problem for the CarGo Power. For more news on the team's endeavours, follow them on Facebook or Twitter @Monzgear.


For idea novelty, we give them 3.5/5.

For design, we give them 4/5.

For user experience, we give them 4/5 (would love to get our hands on one, it seems to be very comfortable to use.

For potential to scale, we give them 4.5/5.

OVERALL GRADE: 4 out of 5. Could this be the beginning of energy storage problems getting solved?

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