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As precursor of what is now known, even in laymen circles, as UX/UI experience, design is what makes user tingle with joy when approaching a service or product. And while online, reaching said service or product, SEO plays the role of liaison, because in the ever-growing immensity of websites, what makes the difference between having a business and appearing on the 30-plus search results page is how well your page abides by frequently-changing rules of optimization that search engines apply.

And this abundance also occurs locally, moreover in emerging economies; this is the case of India - although no distinct figures of how many websites there are the moment in India arise from the Internet, we may very well assume that private opinions bringing the number to about 10 million are close to reality. Needless to say that having a team of experts in designing and optimizing your website for the Indian market is a pre-requisite to engage in business over there. One of the up-and-coming digital marketing agencies in the area is iMyDigital.

Pretty strong statement to provide you with the incentive to make your online presence worthwhile

Pretty strong statement to provide you with the incentive to make your online presence worthwhile

iMyDigital can design, develop and market websites, being a one-stop-shop for anybody trying to establish themselves online in India with the help of insiders. Everything from web design, web development, mobile apps and strict, thorough analysis of SEO and Google Analytics, it can be provided by the team at iMyDigital - all you need to do is figure out what your idea that needs to be brought to the forefront of Indian Internet users is. You can see most of their work on their homepage, as well as testimonials and tools used in their endeavors. iMyDigital also runs a blog with various tips and tricks on getting ahead in Indian online, and you can also check out how a marketing strategy client proposal looks like.


We'll skip grading as we're talking about a complex service. For iMyDigital to be more successful, all comes down to quality and quantity of customers. Definitely worth checking out if you're planning to expand to India.

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