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Finance startups have been on the rise recently - from lending marketplaces to obtain anything your heart desires to payment systems that don't require any direct credit card or cash usage such as Apple Pay, money is getting more and more mobile and stepping on the neck of the traditional banking system. Moreover, you can nowadays invest in virtually anything, from crowd-funding campaigns to equity companies looking for money, and of course the traditional stock market, directly from your pocket, with some clicks and definitely less friction than ten or twenty years ago.

We've all heard of the Forex system - some have blamed it, while others have made serious money while speculating on its possibilities. The What's With team was not very familiar with traditional stock markets, so we were keen in reviewing Mt5 for Android, a platform for mobile trading on Forex and other stock markets.

A brief description of Mt5's core characteristics

A brief description of Mt5's core characteristics

Mt5 for Android keeps you connected with currency and stock prices, giving you access to analysis tools in order to be able to trade accurately. For stock afficionados, take note that you are awarded a full set of technical indicators for analysis.

Connecting is quite easy, since you can also gain access via an anonymous account that in order to get started quickly. There is a pre-loaded EUR/USD chart, and you can instantly change currency denomination to the one of interest.

Currency rates on Valentine's night, in case you're running late on gifts (?)

Currency rates on Valentine's night, in case you're running late on gifts (?)

Inside the app, you'll also find a News section, with various information organised neatly ranging from pure investment stuff to things happening with big companies around the world - like Apple's electric cars being a soon-to-come threat for Tesla.

Mt5 is the artwork of ForexTime Ltd and is the fifth iteration of the product. If you're into stock or want to be a part of it, they also organise webinars on various topics.


For idea novelty, we give them 3/5.

For design, we give them 3.5/5.

For user experience, we give them 4/5.

For potential to scale, we give them 4.5/5 (they already have more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store, so product market fit has been attained).


OVERALL GRADE: 3.75 out of 5. Already an established product, we're wondering if anybody out there reading this is among its users. We feel it's a must-have for your pocket assistant.

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