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E-commerce serves as one of the best use-cases of Internet; its accesibility facilitated not only their apparition (yes, it does have a supernatural aura to it, since there are literally hundreds of thousands of e-shops with revenues of at least $ 500k, and several more appear each day), but it made traditional brick-and-mortar businesses to establish an online presence as well. The costs of opening shops wherever customer personas are located would lead SMEs to bankruptcy, or would prove an obstacle big enough for scaling even for the most-sought after products.

Once the big sharks like Amazon and eBay established themselves as market leaders in the field of general, over-arching marketplaces, what we are witnessing nowadays is specialisation - which is a trait attributtable not only to individuals, but also brands trying to become renowned by only one, very niched flagship product. This is also the case of SkinnyTieMadness.com

SkinnyTieMadness homepage

SkinnyTieMadness homepage

The e-shop can be your next shopping stop if you're into skinny ties, but also bowties, tie clips or pocket squares. We have yet to see any object being priced upwards of $ 30, so they're actually cheap, and they're made of cotton or polyester; plus, some of the skinny ties automatically come with a matching pocket square. You can choose from patterns with funky names such as "Parents don't understand" or "Candy Corn Crusher", and they display a cool selector of products, organised by color, pattern or width.

The Nixon looks to be crowd-stopper, as its name suggests

The Nixon looks to be crowd-stopper, as its name suggests

You may also purchase gift certificates for any value between $1 and 1,000, and shipping is available worldwide, with any potential limitations being specified once you check-out. For Romania, it seems that shipping is free, and we guess it's the same for most countries.

For idea novelty, I give them 3/5.

For design, I give them 4.5/5.

For user experience, 4/5 (simple to use website, minimalistic design, everything in place).

For potential to scale, I give them 3.5/5


OVERALL GRADE: 3.75 out of 5. We'll definitely purchase something from them.

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