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A lot of design tools have tried and still try to simplify the Photoshop or other more complicated software's experience when trying to craft simple, time-efficient designs. Canva was the first major breakthrough in the area, and it still provides quality resources for those with a little inspiration and with as little cash as $1 for each element inserted. Hot on its tail are LiveLuvCreate, PicMonkey or PicCollage and, more recently, SpringPublisher.

Homepage of SpringPublisher.com

Homepage of SpringPublisher.com

It's a software publishing tool made to design and get ready for print promotional materials such as business cards, flyers, postcards and other works of art. Unfortunately, at the time this article is written, the software was not available for download - or at least it got blocked on our computers.

And waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

And waiting...and waiting...and waiting...

Luckily, the website is pretty well documented presenting features of the product:

  • ability to introduce a range of elements, from standard pictures to even QR codes or barcodes, and effects such as shadow or opacity;
  • good resolution on produced design, reaching about 350dpi;
  • for those not inspired, there are also some templates which may be used as starting point.

Most features are available in the Pro subscription plan (at $23.95 - per year or month, remains to be determined...), such as ability to gain access to more templates or possibility to use resulting works in commercial purposes.

The software has been featured as an awarded product on Softpedia and software.informer, and we also ran across a video review better presenting the insides of the program - looks like the interface is very similar to what you can find in printshops' computers.

Review of SpringPublisher by Teknologic

For idea novelty, I give them 2.5/5.

For design, I give them 3/5 (based on screenshots, as we were not able to download the software from the dedicated webpage).

For user experience, N/A.

For potential to scale, I give them 3/5


OVERALL GRADE: 2.83 out of 5. Fix the fact that the software does not download from the website, even if you may be featured on other websites as well.

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