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E-cigarettes are no longer a product looking for recognition on the market, and since smoking is either banned in public places or not comfortable to be done while walking down the street - at least for some - there are more and more people looking like they're puffing from a very sophisticated pen of sorts.

Although the health benefits are still debatable - e-cigarettes have various degrees of nicotine concentration, and while the substance is actually considered as good for ingestion, having more nicotine than the one-cigarette-per-week equivalent could lead to damaging effects -, this is a niche that gets bigger and bigger with each day. So it is only normal that a niche involved in trading products would lead to e-marketplaces for customers using said products. The same applies here, with VapingJuices.com being at the forefront of "all-things" for e-cigarettes.

This logo is bound to stick in your head - cool color scheme, using the blue so common for succesful ventures

This logo is bound to stick in your head - cool color scheme, using the blue so common for succesful ventures

VapingJuices is a paradise for anybody loving the flavours that come with the habit of e-smoking. They boast over a hundred different flavours, ranging from various iterations of tobacco-based flavours (such as classic Cigar Tobacco to more obscure Fuji Apple Tobacco) to combinations of beverages and nicotine with suggestive names like Flaming Fireball or Umbrella Cocktail. Unfortunately, apart from some pictures, there are no distinct description of what the flavours' actual ingredients are, so we guess you just have to drop them a call beforehand to get more information about your desired purchase - and, by the way, they have a flat shipping rate of $5 available all around US.

Flavour prices start from $10 for a 15 ml reserve, and you can choose nicotine strength up to 24 mg per mililiter. Another fun aspect of the venture is the ability to creat customised flavours - reaching deep in the need of people to have things tailored to their own self. This is done by adding up to 5 flavours and selecting the percentage of each that should be included. All flavours are mixed on the spot, so the content you get is very fresh and appealing. If you want to get a better customer impression over their products, you should check this neat video review by the Vape Ladies:

For idea novelty, we give them 2.5/5 - a lot of other similar sites already exist, all will depend on growth and network of customers.

For design, we give them 4/5 - neat logo!.

For user experience, 3.5/5 - we did not order since it's only available in the US, and we noticed there was no exact description of what the flavours would taste like.

For potential to scale, we give them 2/5.

OVERALL GRADE: 3 out of 5. The niche is already well-served, so it's all up to their ability to scale quickly, especially using that customised flavours option.

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