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The sharing economy disrupts verticals we didn't know existed prior to Uber or Airbnb taking the spotlight - for some there is true added value and it all comes to execution, while others are at least interesting, being a clear indicator both for people wanting to be part of a mobile community and willing to pay for routine services that take up a lot of time without emotional added value. In this latter category we may include Urban Leash, an iOS/Android app connecting man's best friend with his caretaker for the day.

According to Urban Leash's founders, it all started when people around them were having a rough time finding someone to take care of their pets. The service is available only in Chicago and allows for either getting your dog walked or cat taken care of. But that's not all - you can track your pet's walk in real time and receive detailed service summaries and photographs of their whereabouts. As for prices, these are dependant on duration and number of pets to be walked or taken care of, ranging from $14 for a 15-minute walk up to a subscription of $126 for Monday-to-Friday-two-times a day-15-minute walk; additional fees are incurred for special days such as holidays or off-hours, and payment is automatically performed from your credit card after the walk is over.

Since it's only available in Chicago, we did install it at least to see its design. Registration means including your identification details, but also mentioning how the assigned caretaker will have access to your home in order to pick-up the pet and leave it back again, which seems a little bit intrusive, but we haven't seen a complaint so far in this respect.

Lots of options to have burglars in the house...

Lots of options to have burglars in the house...

For idea novelty, we give them 3.5/5 - on the other side of the Atlantic, BorrowMyDoggy has been active for the past almost 3 years in the UK

For design, N/A

For user experience, 4/5 - seems pretty straight forward to place an order

For potential to scale, we give them 3.5/5 - this is the type of service that is strongly based on the community, so people must be really engaged by it to actually make it grow


OVERALL GRADE: 3.66 out of 5. Rapid and national expansion should be the direction here.

Tag(s) : #product review, #sharing economy

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