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We've covered in the past a trend that is a result of the start-up world unveiling in the past: boutique firms aiming to cover more and more of the needs of tech venture, so much so that the only thing that seems to be required here is the financial investment to support all this array of activities.

Following this line is Tennessee-based Arrow Tech, which launched earlier this month. Dillan Archer and Brent Richards, the two main men behind Arrow Tech, promise being "very holistic in the sense that we handle many different aspects of a business' needs. Our ability to do so many different quality services helps us fully understand how to help your needs." With the goal of building lasting relationships with clients, Arrow Tech covers both residential and business services.

On the residential side, apart from a list of classical services such as web design or development, Arrow Tech can intervene into day-to-day difficulties that a stay-at-home worker would come across: the need for backups, hardware set-up or even installation of home surveillance systems. Businesses, on the other hand, benefit from large scale IT and disaster management, as well as more traditional services such as digital marketing, web design or brand consulting.

A need to have every side-service you require in just one place, and small teams of experts working for you when a case arises is a direction that seems more and more prevalent, and which we hope to see in other areas as well - a business process is streamlined better if a consultancy company can deliver from square one to the finish line, and Arrow Tech seems to understand this by integrating hardware services along with digital ones.

If you're in Tennessee, look for this guys when building your business

If you're in Tennessee, look for this guys when building your business

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