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The International Energy Agency declared in its most recent World Energy Outlook that natural gas is in pole position to enter its golden age. With the advent of shale gas extraction - first in the US, in the 2000s, recently in Europe and other parts of the world -, the seemingly imminent exhaustion of resources available to be exploited could be postponed at least for some decades in the near future.

Back in the US, Critical Systems Inc. has been riding high on this wave, providing for the past 15 years products and services to be used in natural gas extraction. Critical Systems supports breakthrough technologies, by providing gas cabinets, gas delivery, gas abatement, and orbital welding, with the ultimate beneficiaries being large verticals such as medicine, energy, communications. Critical Systems' belief is that, "as world population and demand for goods and services increase, the next generation will need to further embrace these technologies in order to effectively manage natural resources and address environmental challenges."

Apart from their main activity, Critical Systems is working closely with universities and research organizations where these technologies are first cultivated, which in turn lead them to offer an interesting scholarship program dubbed Breakthrough Technologies Scholarship, offered to final years engineering/science students pursuing a careers specialty areas such as Semiconductor, Nanotechnology, MEMS, Solar PV, Thin Film, or other advanced technologies.

Reverting to products and services offered, Critical Systems deals with hundreds of models of gas cabinets, orbital welding rental equipment as well as training certifications, gas scrubbers and reconditioning of such, but also entire gas system design, installation and maintenance, as well as training for operating the system. So, if you want to get ahead on your natural gas system in the US, you should bear them in mind.


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