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In a world of apps, Internet-of-Things and wearables, websites usage is less and less frequent, at least for teenagers and youth in general. Yet, youngsters account for only some part of Internet usage, and you needn't look any further than at mid-20s or north of that to see that those people were born and bred with desktops and laptops, and using a website may be more familiar to them.

That same generation is the one that grew alongside the rise of electronic dance music (EDM) of late 90s and early 2000s, when huge parties and ample unfoldings grew and spread all over the world. The ascent of Ibiza as the "go-to" place for summer escapades or listening to BBC Radio1's night tracks and festival live streaming are definitory for that period. And that's not to say that EDM is dead. Combine websites with EDM and you'll get EDMRanks, the best source for news about the industry.

EDMRanks dubs itself "the best EDM platform in the world", where artists, producers and DJs can create profiles and get users to follow their activity. They also boast having the best social media EDM rankings and a wide variety of the latest and best EDM news about performers and festivals.

EDMRanks is in particular aimed at emerging and underground artists, without big budgets under their belt, providing access to a network of about 125,000 unique visitors per month and a Facebook page of over 7,000 fans. Each producer or DJ may post their songs by embedding the URL from Soundcloud or Youtube on their profile, and groups based on type of music are created; for another layer, artists can also advertise their work by contacting the team and setting a maximum spending budget between $250 and north of $1,000.

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