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Security is a big issue, and identity theft is not a rare bird anymore; even if the fact that Snapchat's photos are not actually erased or similar stories get the headline usually due to the immensity of users affected at once, the impact there is not nearly as dramatic as would be with mass rapture of ID or credit card numbers.

But the issue of identity theft is very sensible from another perspective as well: it's a paradox, but security systems in place that require too much authentication or data processing are seen as unreliable by the day-to-day user, even if in numerous times strict authentication is required in order to have a better control over any potential leaks. Nonetheless, Texas-based Karsof Systems seems to be getting their hands full of work in the field, with their end-to-end IT security systems aimed at private, but in particular public entities.

What Karsof Systems boasts most is their array of 22 worldwide granted patents (with an additional 5 patent-pending solutions) and, although it is debatable whether this hinders development or not, in this case it seems to be a jolly joker so far. The solutions Karsof Systems brings to the table are various: bio-metric solutions (where the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation member states have accepted Karsof Systems' bio-metrics solutions as a standard), all-in-one solutions for forensic teams and police departments - granting easy and fast identification of criminals by comparing bio-metrics with a database set up using the company's software - and even solutions that Karsof Systems has developed for private or personal use, such as access cards or highly-encrypted e-Visas and e-Passports, embedded with contactless smart chips. Since we talked about patents earlier on, licensing of Karsof Systems' IP portfolio is available.

This is how Karsof Systems' solutions integrate with your needs

This is how Karsof Systems' solutions integrate with your needs

Reverting to bio-metrics, this can be the potential market where adoption occurs on mass scale of the near future. Sidestepping any eyebrows raised by customers will be the greatest obstacle for Karsof Systems, but they seem fit to overcome it.

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