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Early education is one of the verticals which has not yet seen a major disruption from the start-up boom. While there are several games aimed at children which have had a serious impact on their upbringing, it's traditional education that needs an update to current standards. One of the most time-consuming aspects of education during preschool and primary years is the relationship between the educator or instructor and the parents, and the way that they may communicate easily and rapidly so as to get the most out of a kid's successes or mendable behavior. It is at the heart of this issue that Learning Genie is trying to reach, with its mobile platforms for both educators and parents.

Learning Genie allows teachers to monitor and organise their students' class activity by adding content relevant for each of them - be it photos, videos or any kind of information created by the teacher and added into the system. In turn, parents may also access the sister app of Learning Genie, by which they may see progress in real time of their kids, this also giving the entire system a great way to have aggregate information over all positives and negatives of education offered.

A comprehensive description of Learning Genie

A comprehensive description of Learning Genie

Although it may be used for any kind of school, this is particularly aimed at pre-school level, where the most care must be given, with some hundreds of educators already signing up - depending on class size, the service is free for a class of up to 14 kids or can go as high about $50 for above 100 kids. But Learning Genie is not only an individual effort from the teacher, as one or more teachers at a class may be added, along with parents, to have an even better view of what is happening in class, and keep track on what the next lessons will be.

Learning Genie is the brainchild of Carlsbad, California residents Gene Shi and Lala Zhang, which are originally from China where the technical team is located. The idea arose from their own distress of not being able to have quick access to their daughter's activity while in school, mainly because many education centers have restrictions on use of cell phones by teachers during class hours. In order to facilitate adoption, free training and additional resources for teachers are conducted by the Learning Genie team, which also enlist teachers and researchers on education.

For idea novelty, we give them 4/5 - Remind101 and ClassDojo are just some of the players in this field, but Learning Genie's "secret sauce" may be addressing only or specifically to pre-schools.

For design, we give them 3.5/5 - simple-to-use website, and the apps seem pretty straightforward

For user experience, 3.5/5 - the screenshots show a sleek feed of photos and information on each child

For potential to scale, we give them 3.75/5 - ed-tech is by definition a hard market, but the founders and the team behind them seem to be able to pull this one through.

OVERALL GRADE: 3.6875 out of 5. The question here is how well can parents be convinced to use what is another app, another messaging platform, precisely since the majority of people with kids in pre-school now are around their 30s.

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