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Ever went into full research mode for a paper or for a school experiment, so much so that you wished you weren't hungry or that you had all required resources at the tip of your fingers until you finish it? Well, imagine for a second that scientists and full-time researchers do this daily, embarking on daring attempts to change our surroundings and make our lousy species advance. And since they're helping humanity, or trying to, they should not be worried by mundane tasks such as replenishing stocks of lab supplies or remembering to register for an upcoming conference - at least, this is what Science Ninja thinks things should look like.

Science Ninja is more effective both money and time-wise

Science Ninja is more effective both money and time-wise

Science Ninja brings forward a LAAAS (Lab Assistant as a Service) model, whereby you make an account, choose a subscription plan depending on your lab size and basically get anything you'd need to keep your focus on. For example, the Small Lab (1 to 10 people) plan includes 6 requests per month of any of the following services: lab meetings catering services, looking for best deals on lab tools, maintenance and repairs on existing equipment, any help needed in order to conduct a technical slash scientifical experiment - such as looking for the right compound or quantities -, arranging travel planning to conferences and other geeky events.

Any of the first 3 orders, if placed in a space of two weeks, are free, and paying for the subscription plan is made via Dwolla. Worry not, because the above services are not limitative, and you can ask Science Ninja to bring you anything needed, because the team promises to get it for you and use your requests to extend their services' inventory. If interested to do this kind of work, Science Ninja is hiring - although it's not clear where is the team based and for which areas services may be provided. In plan are hourly rates for servicing equipment on lab premises


For idea novelty, we give them 5/5 - haven't heard of a similar service up to now, and we couldn't have possibly thought of it

For design, we give them 3.5/5 - simple-to-use website, not standing out in any way though

For user experience, 3.5/5 - seems pretty straight forward to place an order

For potential to scale, we give them 3.5/5 - as stated, it's not clear where may the services be provided to, but the market is about 100,000 customers as small labs and biotech startups

OVERALL GRADE: 3.875 out of 5. This is exquisite, to say the least.


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