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Affiliate marketing has been an important part of the last years in terms of generating revenue from advertising. While traditional website advertising still accounts for a good share of the entire pie of revenue - especially in countries where smartphone adoption is at least on par with desktop/laptops use -, mobile is and will prevail eventually, and brands are constantly concocting ways of being relevant to their potential customers during a natural use of their phones, in apps in particular. TaigaMobile is one of a string of players looking into this market of affiliate mobile marketing

TaigaMobile brings affiliate marketing to mobile devices

TaigaMobile provides a string of advertising banners and links available for promotion in the US, UK, Canada, Russia, India and others, easy to be integrated in your apps. These are available for all three major mobile OS (Android, iOS, Windows) and can be both incent and non-incent offers.

In order to receive money generated by banners and links, you need to have a functional PayPal or WebMoney account, and bigger companies may have access to bank wire. The minimum sum that needs to be available for a withdraw is rather large: $500, which may be a tough rock to move. Payment is made 30 days after the last day of the month. As with most affiliate marketing platforms, referral of new affiliates enables a commission which in TaigaMobile's case in 3%. Finally, conversions may be tracked by using conversion pixels that are received alongside the proposed advert.

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