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A day has 24 hours and, as much as we'd want to extend its duration, factually there is the same amount of time for anybody and everybody. What makes the difference is how well you put to good use this limited amount of time - yet another specific application of the saying-turned-rule "it's not about the idea (of time), but about the execution (i.e. how you use it)".

But since it would be a great hassle to also manually monitor your activities during the day and how much time is actually spent engaging in them, any kind of tools enabling such monitoring are more than welcomed. In particular, freelancers and small companies try to be as cost-efficient as possible in the bootstrapping stage of their activity, and Debugle is a simple-to-use task management tool that recently got a new update.

Status project is easy to verify with Debugle

Status project is easy to verify with Debugle

Debugle allows having all the people working on or benefiting from your product in one single, cloud-based platform to make collaboration easier. The service works on all devices, whether desktop or mobile, and integrates with cloud storage greats such as Google Drive or Dropbox. All tasks may be organised using lists, labels or any other type of grouping desired. Every time an activity is added or updated to Debugle, you can get instant notifications or subscribe to RSS feeds to see what's going on.

Debugle is built by a Romania-based team and it has been on the market since 2011, now benefiting from a revamped free version. It has caught the attention of several media outlets in the past years and it seems to have gained a pretty steady user-base.

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