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In today's consumer apps-dominated world, one of the most important assets that a start-up can show off in front of investors is usage and adoption rates of that respective start-up's product (usually an app). E-mail collection and the database generated thereof are two of the most valid parameters that startups can rely on when pitching their work. Think of it like this: 10 months ago, Snapchat boasted about 100 million active users - and this led to a latest $ 15 billion valuation.

But making users register their e-mail in order to use an app, or subscribe to a newsletter is not only a question of good marketing and content creation skills - apps can also suffer from spamming, invalid e-mail addresses or bots. But how can you verify if an e-mail address which was just registered to your application is a valid one? EmailYoYo is a validation service providing comfort for those using e-mails and relying on their validity.

How can you know if an e-mail address is valid?

But EmailYoYo provides more than just a simple validation box where you write off an e-mail in order to check its validity - it also comes with user mailbox level e-mail list cleaning, going further than other free API services and low-value offerings checking only syntax or domains. Speaking of APIs, EmailYoYo also has an extremely easy-to-integrate API working with jQuery, and the service itself is hosted in the cloud, providing instant power and results for any e-mail management system.

EmailYoYo is already being used at large by companies such as Ebay, Yellow Pages, Microsoft, Zoosk and more. Pricing starts from $149 a month for up to 1,000 e-mails daily - for the e-mail validation API - or $74 monthly for the standalone e-mail cleaning list service.

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