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Nowadays, almost everybody takes photos with their smartphones, and almost no photo is not complete without a filter being added to it to make it appear as professional as possible. Instagram has undoubtedly changed the way, frequency and moment when photos are being taken, lending ubiquity and comfort to a loved activity which, ten years back, would have required a long string of actions to get the proper photo into place.

Part of the comfort brought by smartphones and Instagram is having all photos in one place at any time. But there's also one caveat to the entire process: photo-taking becomes very impersonal and fast-forwarded, as is the case with many areas in which we have eliminated entirely any type of physical interaction - either with objects or humans. So how do you decide which photos to single out from your entire gallery, and get them printed in the old-fashioned, but so personal way? KeepSnaps has a solution to this, and is currently working on implementing it on the Australian market.

KeepSnaps may be rented out for $1,000 per four hours of event

KeepSnaps may be rented out for $1,000 per four hours of event

KeepSnaps is a gateway to a world where you don't have to wait for long weeks for your event commissioned photographer to tell your photos are ready. The system is simple: guests at an event take Instagram photos (or upload them on Twitter) and add a custom hash-tag to their description. KeepSnaps then scours for all the photos bearing that hash-tag, while also printing out instantly (aka under 15 seconds) any photos via a live printer. At the end of the event, all photos are available via Dropbox or saved locally for the hosts to use further on. Pricing plans go up to $ 1,800 for a full day of use, and KeepSnaps is available throughout Australia.

KeepSnaps is the brain child of Kathryn Thompson, who started the venture in 2014 after seeing a similar service available in New York and realizing the Australian market was under-served. Until now, she has attended important events such as the Australian Open or the Melbourne Food & Wine Show.

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