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All lawyers want to be writers - it's one of the most publicly known secrets in the legal world, so much so that it has transcended legend into fiction into reality. Albeit writing still has a sacramental aura to it, technology has made it more accesible both for the actual act and for communicating with to your readers, taking different forms: blog posts, featured articles or simple social media posts.

For classic literature wanna-be authors, the transposition of paper into the e-world resulted in the e-book, and people are more and more attracted to reading their favourite novels on a portable device (this is not a majoritary case in the What's With team - long live the smell of freshly bought books!). What technology has not facilitated is publishing a finished work of art - we have the same publishing houses that require some amount of pampering and money in order to publish a piece under their aegis. Booqla is aiming to work in the cloud in order to get your work ready for downloading in no time.

Booqla in a 1-minute video

Booqla is a text-to-e-book converter that, allowing easy import of Word format manuscripts, generating previews of the result which allow for error fixing in an instant. The final piece is then downloadable in exchange for a one-time flat fee of maximum $60 - this means that no additional commission on royalties are payable by the author, as the case is with traditional publishers.

The true "secret sauce" of Booqla really lies in this little factory that allows production of e-books in an instant, without any kind of friction other than loading and setting-up some minor details on the website. It's aimed at publishers and writers who want a fast, easy, cost-efficient way to create and update e-books - including those that have images inside them or written in languages other than English.

Booqla is based in Sweden and has been active for one year. The tool is available in the US, Europe and the Middle East.

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