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One of the biggest challenges in a startup founder's daily activity is time management and alloquation of the exact needed amount of time for one chore or another. In other words, while trying to optimise your up-and-coming company, you also should be in the process of constantly optimising yourself and your approach on working for your startup.

But this is no easy task: it's common fact that founders usually take on tasks for which well-established companies employ people in several areas of expertise, so reaching to a certain level of understanding of each slice of the big startup pie takes much more that probably would normally occur. Plus, there's always the urge to divert from everything that you're working on just to pitch your idea to as many people as possible - and in particular to investors or incubators which promise what you most desperately need in dire times: acceleration. Luckily, the last part is tackled by Pitch1Min.com, an online agora to show off your product in under 60 seconds to a potential innumerate number of investors and events.

Pitching requires not only practice, but actual time. Source: blog.sli.do

Pitching requires not only practice, but actual time. Source: blog.sli.do

Pitch1min.com allows uploading of 1-minute pitching videos, which it then disseminates among its community of investors or incubators, based on a prior review that Pitch1min.com provides for the pitch after submission. Pitches are generally organised based on the type of market they address (B2B or B2C, with subdivisions), and further refinement is made by the site. The team behind the concept is building this towards an unique contact point between startup founders and people that want to fund them, saving time (and money, since the service is free) for all the parties involved. Incubators and investors may also bookmark relevant videos, share notes on them inside their team and then contact directly the startup founders in question for further talks.

What remains to be seen is whether Pitch1min.com provides a service that is also sufficiently tailored to the requirements of getting investments; although a lot of startup money is running amok at the moment, investors will get more and more reticent to invest or even dedicate time in understanding a startup without proper meeting in person and further due dilligence activities.

Nonetheless, Pitch1min.com is worth looking into - after all, time is of the essence for any entrepreneur, and simplifying one aspect of their activity is surely a bonus. The team behind the site are also the artisans of ScienceSupply, an automated lab products supplier, so there is some experience at hand in building somewhat successful ventures.

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