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Outsourcing quality employees or service providers is currently a double-sided international affair. On one hand, the need for outsourced work often arises in developed countries and for well-established companies who are in an constant optimization process - with the advent of Internet and continuously improving ease of global shipping, contacting an overseas partner and following up on a commercial relationship is instantaneous. On the other hand, developing countries and emergent companies thereof are the prime contenders in getting the work done, and there are prime examples spread on each and every continent of places where you revert in case the needed for outsourcing arises. Philippines' StaffOutsourcing caters to a big portion of the US market in need of Filipino workforce.

StaffOutsourcing employs a team of qualified recruiters both in the Asian country and the US, through four offices ready to provide on-the-spot, fast quality advice regarding any potential candidates available and relevant for the work needed. StaffOutsourcing started as a need of a US e-commerce company to gain access to more workforce during spike times in weekends or public holidays, and while looking for easy-pay staff, the team realised that what they needed was scarce or at unreasonable prices, therefore decided to build up its own outsourcing buffer for their internal needs.

At the moment, StaffOutsourcing evolved into a standalone business offering a variety of BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services offered by workforce in the area such as HR, Accounting, Data Entry Operators, Illustrators, Social Media Management or product-tailored customer support (i.e. support on Amazon or E-bay). Since Filipinos are good English speakers - as its one of their official languages - maybe the Phillipines is poised to take over some outsourcing destinations not only for US or Asia-based needs, but all over the world?

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