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It's not an easy decision, but relocating is sometimes the best decision you can make - either running from a bad life or towards a great opportunity, even in the digital age there are plenty of jobs which cannot be performed remotely. As the paradox goes, the old master-and-servant convention happening in different high-class homes over a century ago has seen a resurgence, with the likes of Instacart, Uber or other "sharing economy" services putting people's free time to good use by running chores of other "time-less" people.

Nonetheless, it is still decades before we will be able to provide any type of expertise regardless of where we're located, and relocation to pursue a new job or dream comes with the hassle of handling ancillary details of moving abroad. In this situation, websites like SendMoneyAustralia.com lend a welcomed helping hand.

SendMoneyAustralia is a simple information site for people emigrating to Australia, or Australians living far away from home wanting to send money to Australia at cheaper rates. What the site does is reviewing the best services for foreign currency exchange and transfer from and into Australia. You get a lot of pampering from them, being explained about the process and get recommendation regarding which companies to use for money transfer purposes.

Don't let the domain name confuse you - SendMoneyAustralia also features a big resource page including interesting inforgraphics, visa information, real estate information, economic analysis and basically anything an expat going to Australia would need. Its aim is to be a one-stop shop for people who need to work, move or re-locate into Australia. And this type of help should be easily accesible for any country wanting to have access to relocatable workforce.

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