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We're all hearing this, especially starting last year: Content Marketing is the go-to way to do marketing and create meaningful, valuable connections with readers. Search engine optimisation has matured in the past 16 years since Google took the stage, and websites have had to adapt innumerous times to all changes that search engines have made to their algorithms in order to provide more relevant content to their users and capitalise more on the large audience before them.

Creating valuable content is not easy, because it's not always simple to build stories that readers can relate to, or write about something on which no one has written valuable pieces of content before. It involves a lot of research and, if the purpose of getting search engine exposure or the nature of the activity performed by the company does not at all times allow creation of content worth mentioning, the task is again difficult. Plus, content creation is a skill that gets tenured in time, and immediate success may be attained at a cost not feasible for a startup.

We cannot stress enough how important content is at the moment, but it may be also out-of-reach for certain types of small or very small businesses in need of a simple and cost-effective footprint online. And for these entities, even deep link directories such as OrangeLinker may prove to be a good starting point in getting the message of their websites across.

Do deep link directories still matter?

OrangeLinker is one of the deep link directories well managed, in the sense that it is run by several search engine optimization experts. Any website that is up-and-running may be submitted to OrangeLinker, in order to increase visibility in search engines, increase Page Rank and generate traffic coming to the website. A variety of listing plans are available, starting from reciprocal back linking up to regular and featured listings. At the moment, it boasts more than 8,300 organised websites in over 450 categories and subcategories. Only English content sites are accepted for addition, and no redirections are accepted.

Deep link directories such as OrangeLinker may still be the go-to place for small, very low-budget and local or even zonal business wanting to get their online presence off the ground - results won't always be as efficient as keeping updated with relevant unveilings in the field of search engine optimisation, but then again there are certain people that do not require a large degree of content nurturing to cater to their business.

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