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There's nothing new in telling that customer happiness and adoption is the Holy Grail of any business metrics. It's a make-it-or-break-it point, and being in-sync with what your customers need and want is crucial to the success or demise of any startup.

Things such as on-site customer surveys for brick-and-mortar businesses are trying to get to the core of the customers right there where they interact with the service or product. In the online world, big companies use 24/7 online real-time customer interaction through those familiar pop-ups showing in the corner of well-respected websites. But creating a so-called "chat-bot" seems for many a difficult programming task - but not anymore, since Rebot.me allows you to set-up such a feature for your website.

Source: pandorabots.com

Source: pandorabots.com

In order to create a chatbot, an account on Rebot.me is required. Chatbots can be customized through various tools and, interestingly enough, the next step is learning it to act in face of various problems that it may asked to respond to by customers. This saves time needed to, let's say, inform a customer of what your website works like, which aids in increasing conversion rates.

Rebot.me is the brainchild of Farid Movsumov and Salih Pehlivan, two developers originating from Azerbaidjan, aiming to create better, simpler opportunities for startups to reach better customer interaction and retention.

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