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Collaboration inside a business is the hidden engine of growth and proper output. In a fast-pace changing environment, keeping alert at all times on a client's last-minute wish or an error that needs to be catered to immediately is crucial - and you may not provide a high quality of services unless everything internal to the business runs smoothly.

Among a myriad of software oriented toward enhancing better collaboration among parties, GigaBook is aiming to be a different face in the crowd by going against the current: providing more than just a team organizing tool, GigaBook limits the time spent setting deadlines, keeping up to date with schedule and meetings, but also setting up your relationship with potential customers via contact forms or booking widgets.

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Kansas City-based GigaBook provides a plethora of services for people with cramped schedules handling many teams. Its main core feature, however, is allowing customers to book appointments online, after the company fills in a form with relevant details allowing GigaBook to set up the appointment form. After an appointment is set, customized e-mail and text confirmations are sent, as well as reminders closer to the day of the appointment, reducing the number of missed scheduled appointments.

Apart from this, GigaBook allows access to a Dashboard in order to overview what happens with your business. Any personal appointments appear automatically on your Calendar, and can be synced with Google Calendar. Also, tracking of personnel tasks is available, by viewing assigned color-coded blocks of time within the Calendar. Finally, you can also easily set up an online presence by using the Mini Website facility, saving up substantial costs on website development.

A free trial is available, and paid plans begin from $ 25 per month for an individual subscription plan, with two months free if paid for the entire year.

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