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Collecting e-mails of users remains one of the most obvious metrics that people are engaging with your product or service. It serves as best proof that you have reached hearts and minds enough so as them to give you a part of their personal information and establish a connection arch between you and them.

But e-mail marketing and, moreover, the ability to realize what is the exact amount of engagement that users are willing to allow from your part in order for your "relationship" to not become a hassle is a matter of measuring the success of your marketing campaigns - or lack thereof - by observing what happens to each and every e-mail that gets to your users' inboxes. Tools like MailChimp or Aweber have the center stage for many years, as most competitors in this field come from the US, but today we're going to talk in particular about a strong competitor from the UK, Freshmail.

(P) This is the best e-mail marketing control center you have ever seen

Luton-based FreshMail is a marketing software for creating, sending and tracking targeted email campaigns. FreshMail does not require expert marketing and technology knowledge to be operated because it uses the simple drag & drop method. Also, the software comes with ever-expanding library of responsive templates to choose the most appropriate one for each campaign.

The important part comes after sending a newsletter (which by the way may be created automatically, which is a big plus, and also then exported for use on the go) or finalizing on an e-mail marketing campaign. FreshMail's powerful analytics give you detailed feedback on every aspect of your campaign, in order to see what's working and what needs to be refined.

FreshMail supports a variety of integrations, including the likes of Google Analytics or Joomla, and pricing is tailored either as a subscription or a pay-as-you-go plan, with up to 500 subscribers being free of charge. Definitely worth a shot if you're not happy with your current e-mail marketing "factory".

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