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If you are like some of the members of the What's With team, then you can't imagine what life would be like without keeping up-to-date to new and upcoming music. Most of us work with our headphones in our ears, transposed in the worlds brought forth by the likes of 8tracks or hypem, and it is not unusual to fill our YouTube playlists with scores of previously unheard of music. If this sounds familiar, you are going to love what London-based Skowt does.

(P) This is the perfect soundtrack to write blog posts

Skowt is free music streaming service focusing on bringing forward unsigned artists all around the world which promote themselves via social media. Skowt connects these artists with music fans and, potentially, production managers or label records, who get to see what initial fan feedback is on their music before signing them on.

Based on listeners' feedback, the system creates a like-based chart through which the most appreciated songs and artists become more visible. The added value that Skowt brings, apart from a new channel that artists can use to showcase their work, is the behavioral database being built in real-time.

According to their pitch deck, since mid-April when the platform became fully operational, there have been over 70 artists registered on the platform - the target is having 300 artists registered by mid-June, just in time to have the official website launch ready.

Skowt is co-founded by Jheeva Subramanian and Janet Inglis, two seasoned finance and branding professionals, with a significant portfolio of companies which benefited from their expertise in those fields.

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