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Cellbreaker manages your mobile plans, promises lower fees and no termination payments

Competition between mobile carriers is harsh - and clients often find themselves in the middle, battling their way amid a variety of offers and subscription plans. Luckily, changing from one carrier to another might not be a hassle any more, as CellBreaker promises.

CellBreaker employs a team of business, technical and legal-oriented individuals with an aim to grant switching of phone carriers in a maximum of 7 days with no termination fees. When signing up for CellBreaker, you get a full package of services, from swift and legally correct carrier switching to analysis of current cell agreements that you or your company has and signalling any potential breaches of the carrier. Plus, you also get constant monitoring of all cell agreements to see how much to actually pay for all those option plans and solutions to optimize these costs.

In terms of payment, CellBreaker takes a percentage fee of the contractual lines that are breakable, regardless of the size or complexity of the agreement. There's a guaranteed success in terminating an abusive agreement and switch to a new carrier in no more than 7 days after your inquiry.

Up to now, more than $150,000 in termination fees have been avoided by north of 6,000 customers, while CellBreaker has been featured in media outlets such as Wired or Money Magazine. The startup founded in 2014 was part of the 500 Startups Batch 13 in 2015. What started out as a consumer justice platform turned out to be a successful of which you can find more here.

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