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The age of first-time entrepreneurs decreases from generation to generation thanks to the ease with which various skills may be learned over the Internet in very early years of infancy. And we're not just talking about established markets such as the US. The power of youngsters becomes more and more apparent in even the most remote places on Earth, or the most creepiest basements ever seen.

Take for instance Twanos, a digital marketing agency in Jerusalem, Israel, which for the past year has been building online presences for several medium-sized companies and NGOs. The founders, brothers Yair and Yehuda Leibler, are 17 and 15 years-old respectively. Yehuda is already an established teen entrepreneur in Israel, being recently interviewed by radio-show Biz Corner - check out his strong voice over everything he says.

Speaking with the founders, we understood from Yehuda what was their real engine in starting this business:

We understood that there was a situation in Israel and almost anywhere, that big companies have no problems paying large sums for digital marketing, and small companies don't always need a website. And then there is the middle ground - medium sized companies which may not afford the huge marketing fees, but which need and want to get off the ground in order to take advantage of their potential share of the market.

Yehuda Leibler, co-founder Twanos

If you're looking for an efficient way to create an online presence and also stimulate very young entrepreneurs, you should definitely check them out. As for you...when did you start your first business? Let us know in the comments.

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