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No wonder we're calling it a smartphone world - every aspect of our life is governed by this little gadget that we constantly move from one place to another. This dependency may not only take its toll on ourselves, but also on our phone. Apart from energy depleting really quickly - as this seems to be an issue yet not properly resolved by producers -, there's also the occasional dropping or scratching that could render your device unusable in the most unwanted moments.

But Australians have this covered since Screen Fix Brisbane has been operating - and we'd really want to have their services available right here in Europe!

Screen Fix Brisbane is an on-demand iPhone and Samsung repair service. Basically, they will come to your assistance wherever and whenever (translation: maximum one hour), be it your home, office or even local cafe. As you may guess, customers and their satisfaction are central to their activity, and this involves everything from having a friendly technician, using only high quality parts and having a 2-year warranty on the repairs. Medium-term plans include having an app for easy access and planning repairs.

So, Australians - rejoice and use Screen Fix Brisbane after you've been sloppy. Other nations - what are you waiting for? We need to call someone to take care of our gadgets!

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