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Telenav's Scout gets voice chat uplift, part of new redesign process

Telenav, the industry leader in location-based services, announced on Thursday a new voice chat feature to its free Scout mobile application that makes the process of meeting up with friends even easier and more fun. This new “Walkie Talkie” feature enhances Scout’s social navigation capabilities.

Now Scout users can communicate and share information with the people they are meeting, in a manner much quicker than sending a text, using the push-to-talk feature. Also, ETA may be sent by voice messaging, connecting with the ones that matter most in your life.

“When people are going places, more often than not there are other people involved – whether it’s meeting friends at a destination, or simply going home to family,” said Rohan Chandran, General Manager of Telenav’s Mobile division. “And once people are involved, there’s a fundamental need for communication. We started out with the simplest piece of information-sharing, to answer ‘when will you get there?’ We’re now introducing the ability to easily communicate with the people that matter. We’re committed to making the navigation experience more effective, more meaningful, and a lot more fun, and these are just the first steps along that path.”

Scout users already had the ability to easily create an event, contact and invite friends, choose a location, communicate updates with the group (via text chat) and navigate to the destination with live traffic updates and voice guided turn-by-turn directions. Scout manages the functionalities of a variety of tools and applications, to connect with people to plan an event and more time actually enjoying the journey. Scout also provides the most up-to-date routes, harnessing the power of over 2 million OpenStreetMap editors, as well as Telenav’s 15 years of expertise in mobile navigation.

Voice chat is available for Scout users on Android mobile devices, with a version for iPhone mobile devices to be released in July. This capability is part of Scout’s new design updates, which were also released earlier this month, making the app more intuitive and easier to use.

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