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Mark presenting one of Woodland Education's IT education centers in Australia

Since education and the resources available to raise a child are dwindling, parents are justifiably worried about their children’s upbringing. When you’re a young parent, it seems that no piece of information on child’s activities can be too much, and the connectivity that smartphones allow may enable parents to be aware at all times about what happens to their loved one.

The childcare monitoring vertical is an area we’ve covered before, and seemingly one that presents a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs since this is the second platform which has come to our attention. It goes by the name of Xplor and it’s a childcare software free CCMS (short for child care management system) created by Mark Woodland.

One of the most engaged Australian entrepreneurs trying to enrich educative experiences for children, Mark has gained a lot of experience since running Woodland Education, delivering top notch technological advances used by various educational centres all around the country. Through his company, Mark has put a lot of effort into bridging a stronger relationship between parents and their children while the latter happen to be in an educational facility. In 2012, Woodland Education moved took a giant leap, by opening a campus designed to facilitate a better experience for children and parents alike, with the use of proprietary technology and state-of-the-art educational knowledge to get accurate information on everyone and everything that goes around in an educational center. The effort seems at least remarkable, and just by looking as how integrated the entire venture is, it is understandable why Woodland Education was awarded the highest distinction from the Australian Department of Education.

Going back to Xplor, it allows any parent having a child going to a center which has implemented the platform, to easily view, on any device and in a news feed-like display, any information regarding their children’s activity while at kindergarten or another institution. In order to allow as many centers as possible to run the platform, the entire CCMS package is free regardless of the number of users and including 24/7 support. The enhanced privacy and security level that Xplor has integrated ensures that no sensitive information – photos, videos, medical records – that gets shared on the platform is not leaked.

The benefits of Xplor expand further than its intrinsic value – partnerships with Estimote iBeacons has allowed parents to have a clear view over when their children are located on premises of the educational centre run by Woodland Education. E ven more, Xplor also may be connected to soft sensors located on a child’s mattress, in Internet-of-Things style, to monitor sleep cycles and quality thereof.

Although Woodland Education has been taking a lean, low-resource approach as Mark stated, we can only hope that we see their expansion to outside of Australia, as it’s clear that the impact of technology can be dramatic in education and the way young generations are better endowed with the skills required to a better understanding of their surroundings.

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