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This is how you stave off the most severe Android security vulnerability

The end of July brought bad news for Android phone owners everywhere, as the most recent major flaw of the operating system, dubbed Stagefright by Joshua Drake, a programmer working with company Zimperium who discovered it, took Android world by storm. The exploit allows bad-intentions users to send MMS video to your phone containing malware - the even worse news is that you may be infected even before you actually open the content received, as Stagefright operates differently from one messaging app to another.

When a new virus or malware appears, developers flock to create a solution in matter of days, and it was no wonder that Daniel Besenette attempted to do the same with his Safe MMS Messaging app available in Google Play. It checks the identity of the incoming message's sender and checks whether he or she is saved in your contact list. Once the sender is identified, the app moves to checking the contents of the attached MMS for any potential malware, and one nifty addition to its toolbox is the ability to also block unwanted advertising from any app you are accessing, which may also hide malware. It remains to be seen how Safe MMS Messaging will fare in the already-crowded area of apps trying to battle Stagefright.

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