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This week's mornings have been littered with these bits and piece on Twitter:

  • When looking at entrepreneurs to work with, Mark Suster cares more about how they failed and got up than if they ever failed. More on resilience in his "Survivors" piece on Both Sides of the Table;
  • In the race for the next investing round, money is starting to be thrown at startups that don't become more efficient once they scale. Sam Altman believes that's what may burst the fabled "tech bubble";
  • What with his current standing in US presidential polls, Donald Trump is creating free publicity when he criticises somebody - case in hand with Politico and staff writer Jake Sherman;
  • My mind stopped when I read Simon Kuper's piece on why being in the top 1% in terms of wealth may be the worst thing that can happen to you: apparently, there's a US school making children take the same grade twice in order to presumably increase their chances of being accepted in Ivy League universities. And they said millenials were the wasted generation...
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