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  • ExtraLockSmith capitalises on off-hours key and lock-out problems

    13 October 2015 ( #product review )

    Since running a home-renovation-related service here in Eastern Europe (the latest version of which we’ll roll-out extremely soon, so subscribe to this blog to get the latest update), I’ve been constantly looking and researching business models which...

  • Secure SSL Hosting with Server Name Indication

    01 November 2015 ( #guest post )

    This is a guest post from Tim Base. A life long traveler, carrying a laptop and looking for wi-fi connections in all corners of the world. Living the dot com life style, now mostly in Northeast Asia. Interested in all that's tech and innovative, as well...

  • What's with the new personal data storage regulation in Russia?

    02 July 2014

    Yesterday, the lower chamber of the Russian Parliament adopted a bill making all companies that process personal data of Russian citizens, liable to store such data on Russian soil, starting with September 2016. More info on this: The Russian government...

  • What's with virtual counselling?!

    10 November 2014 ( #Tech )

    Earlier this week, I ran across a couple of new services in the area of personal emotional counseling. The actors in question are Find A Therapist and Talkspace; while the former is a free localisation tool enabling you to find the closest therapist in...

  • What's with the Google decision?

    28 June 2014

    By means of the recent judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in case C-131/12 (Google Spania SL., Google Inc. V. Agencia Española de Protección de Datos and Mario Costeja Gonzalez), CJEU stepped on the still undefined territory...

  • What's with the Yo! app?

    29 June 2014

    To keep everybody up to speed on this, an two-men team (part of the video-sharing Mobli team in Tel-Aviv) developed Yo, a new-generation app that does only it's name says: it sends a two-letter neighbourhoody type of hello to your friends in your phonebook....

  • Funding your startup - were banks ever an option?

    28 February 2015 ( #startups, #entrepreneurship, #funding )

    Although we have been in the middle of a start-up boom in the past 5 to 10 years, where basement projects turn to billion-valued business in a matter of months, the main reason for which people are cautious in whether to take the leap and start their...

  • What to know when relocating to another country

    08 April 2015 ( #relocation, #remote work, #SendMoneyAustralia )

    It's not an easy decision, but relocating is sometimes the best decision you can make - either running from a bad life or towards a great opportunity, even in the digital age there are plenty of jobs which cannot be performed remotely. As the paradox...

  • Critical Systems Inc., at the forefront of natural gas product support

    01 March 2015 ( #energy, #Tech )

    The International Energy Agency declared in its most recent World Energy Outlook that natural gas is in pole position to enter its golden age. With the advent of shale gas extraction - first in the US, in the 2000s, recently in Europe and other parts...

  • Three things on how to find (business) ideas

    16 August 2014 ( #Motivation )

    A lot of people trying to start their own company or project often say that the greatest challenge is to find the ideas that are worth implementing - or even more so, just to come across some ideas, be them good or bad. One day after the other, most will...

  • UberCloud brings computing-as-a-service platform, provides access to High Performance Computation

    01 March 2015 ( #Tech )

    There are two generally accepted laws taken into account when talking about improvements in the technology world. On one hand, Moore's law, named after Intel's co-founder, provides that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles about...

  • StaffOutsourcing is Philippines' newest employee finder

    22 April 2015 ( #product review )

    Outsourcing quality employees or service providers is currently a double-sided international affair. On one hand, the need for outsourced work often arises in developed countries and for well-established companies who are in an constant optimization process...

  • Why WeChat City Services Is A Game-Changing Move For Smartphone Adoption

    26 April 2015 ( #opinions )

    //This post originally appeared on TechCrunch on 24 April 2015 Last month, WeChat launched City Services in select towns across China. If you’re already a user of WeChat, simply change your location to one of the three pilot cities and the language to...

  • Twitter Roll - 20-26/09/15

    27 September 2015 ( #Twitter )

    This week's mornings have been littered with these bits and piece on Twitter: When looking at entrepreneurs to work with, Mark Suster cares more about how they failed and got up than if they ever failed. More on resilience in his "Survivors" piece on...

  • What's with Russia's feud over Ukraine?

    28 June 2014

    Living in a neighbouring country to an unrestful territory, while also being part of the barricade that at least half of the country wants to cross (i.e. being a part of the EU or at least being associated with the Member States), one cannot help but...

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