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Let's start with a question, on which I want your opinion - you will understand its meaning later on:

People are more and more inclined to make choices based on their friends or acquaintances' opinions over products or services - market capitalization of customer opinion is slowly starting to happen, and it will be sooner rather than later that startups aiming to bring added value in this space, and companies will invest large sums of their marketing and operational budget in order to gain relevant insight in traction of their products or services as it appers in actual customer "feel and touch".

A good first step in this direction is to create platforms where aggregated opinion generators are located - and the most common generator (pompously called like this) is the old-school polling system, or the yes/no question system. Somewhat stepping in the footsteps of Quora, Statisfy's three-word pitch aims at exactly this specific area of opinion generator: "Ask. Answer. Connect"

Statisfy's homepage

Statisfy's homepage

The system is fairly simple: once signed in into the platform (it comes both as an web-based solution and an iOS app), you are redirected to a mobile-like screen, where you can see all the latest or trending questions and polls that the network has added, or you can search for specific question via a minimalistic form. They touch a good spot by using blue as their theme colour, since it's the most popular colour in the world.

I mentioned signing in - you do not actually do it beforehand; the interface first redirects you to the question network, allowing you to add content without any registration (which, again, does not required you to source too much personal data (name, birthday, gender).

If you want to add a question, you get to choose from six types, ranging from multiple choice to open-ended ones - if you're not sure what best suits your needs, each option is accompanied by a small info sign telling you what it's all about. It did not instantly appear in the "latest" feed, but was loaded onto my profile. You can add your question to specific communities that you created or that pre-existed, or simply to the entire Statisfy network.

And a holler to everybody out there as well!

And a holler to everybody out there as well!

But Statisfy has another twist to its product - embeddable polls, with a slick design. Instead of inserting the questions in a web "factory" and receiving the corresponding embeddable source code, you get to either get vetted polls from the team, based on the article or content you source them, or, if you're sure what are the question you want included, just send the questions alongside any images or other graphics that should be in the poll. According to the website, a self-service, web "factory"-like system is also on its way, to remove the friction of sending e-mails and have the team create the poll for you. Frankly, we found the current system actually interesting, and would be keen to see how human vetting and creation of polls improves relevance and reach, so we wouldn't abandon this just yet.

The team was nice enough to create a personalized poll for us - if you didn't guess it, that was the question at the beginning of the review.

For idea novelty, I give them 3/5.

For design, I give them 3.5/5.

For user experience, 4/5 (based on both the team's availability to source us with a poll, and the slickness of the web app).

For potential to scale, I give them 3/5

OVERALL GRADE: 3.375 out of 5. It will be interesting to see how they surpass the difficulty of making it a sexy product for people to use, but market potential is high, as companies will turn more and more to direct user-generated opinions on products and services.

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