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Source: funnyjunk.com

Source: funnyjunk.com

Last week, Betalist featured, among others, Thaw, an app aimed at connecting you with like-minded people in your area that you do not know about. The idea in itself is not new nor bad, but there was something in the description of the app - can't yet tell what - that made me think needs are getting satisfied faster than actually appearing:

Thaw is an app that uses mutual interests to match you with people nearby that you should know, but don't — yet. With Thaw, you'll be able to meet your next hiking mate, Netflix marathon partner, or dog-walking buddy. Your new friends are out there. Thaw will help you find them.


Of course, everybody will say that before Facebook, we didn't know we had a need to connect with our friends and share emotions on them online. But that's talking about phenomenons and ripe times for these to unfold, versus having one problem, one night, and turning it faster than you can say MVP into an app.

Time allotted for each individual to spend thinking about and executing on ideas is limited by our own mortality. It's simple to chase solutions for niche, subliminal wannabe needs, or free-ride on a wave of enthusiasm brought by a Periscope-sque or Meerkat-y app - but is it worth the while? If the rapid spread of technology brought something, it's the ability to fail faster and faster. So wouldn't we be better off failing on more grand things, in the limited time that we have available for our entrepreneurial darings?

PS: No bad mouth intended against Thaw - they were just the enabler of my thinking, and I wish them all the best in their endeavors.

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