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According to late last year statistics, there are more mobile devices in the world than people - and when thinking that smartphone owners (to be considered the current high-end range of mobile devices) reach a mere 30% of the global population, one comes to realise that the number of phones, tablets, phablets per capita is significantly high.

We might not yet sense it, but in a world where technology tends to make everything more comfortable and easier to get to from a software point of view, soon we will feel the need to scale down more and more on the variety and types of hardware that is being used. Smartphones have enabled state-of-the-art photography with cameras that integrated neatly with the other functionalities of the device, and even earlier cars started integrating GPS, phone and video streaming capabilities. It won't be long before we would want to have access to actual multiple phone numbers via only one device - a thing which is now possible from the perspective of a dual sim terminal. But what about having as many (and as disposable) phone numbers as you would want? HoloNumber is entering the fray with an Internet-free, multiple-phone numbers app to enable such a connectivity.

HoloNumber in a nutshell: no Internet required; very low battery usage; worldwide calling at local prices

HoloNumber in a nutshell: no Internet required; very low battery usage; worldwide calling at local prices

HoloNumber is a work-in-progress, Android and iOS app, which allows having multiple temporary phone numbers on a single device. These phone numbers keep you permanently connected and may be used to make and receive calls even when not on a 3G/WiFi connection and, even more so, when HoloNumber isn’t running. Temporary phone numbers means that HoloNumber-enabled numbers may be kept and disposed extremely easily, although there's yet no telling how this will actually occur.

HoloNumber will allow the creation of numbers in over 80+ countries, without any carrier-like contracts or setup fees. The app uses Advanced Call Routing Algorithms, allowing you to save up to 80% on your regular bill by making international calls at local rates starting at $0.01 per minute.

HoloNumber boasts big battery usage savings, the app becoming active only when a call is made or received, unlike Skype, Whatsapp or Viber that drain your phone’s battery power by maintaining constant connection. Also, people calling do not need to also have HoloNumber installed to be able to call these temporary phone numbers.

HoloNumber is poised to be launched in July this year, and it will be first available in the US, Canada and UK - you can sign up to be updated on their progress on their launch page.

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