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Bookmarking websites - it's a browser function that's been around since the dawn of Internet, and Mosaic, one of the first iterations in the filed, had this function back in 1993. Getting its name from the traditional book sign, the functionality became more and more apparent once the number of websites available started increasing exponentially. The idea was good, and even though it stuck up to present day in all popular browsers, it never really got off the ground - Internet is one of the darlings of the age of speed, so it's incredibly easy to frantically forget to bookmark a piece of information, however valuable it may be. Beautifully-designed plugins have tried and, often, succeeded in aiding users to actively save URLs for later, the best example in this category being the all-hailed Pocket.

But let's face it: there are many things about the Internet and electronic correspondence that have changed dramatically over the course of their existence. And then there are some which have not substantially altered their essence for at least a decade - the best known example could be e-mail (which may be about to be changed, however), and why not add bookmarking and better organizing the information you found on the Internet? Well, Santa Clara, CA-based Neeah wants to make another step forward in changing this.

Neeah's homepage a.k.a. the Promised Land?

Neeah's homepage a.k.a. the Promised Land?

Neeah is a web browser extension that helps counter the effects of the attitude described in its name: forgetting or, even more so, deciding blatantly that a piece of information will be needed later and regretting it pretty soon afterwards. The catch behind this is that the process happens without the user being in any way actively involved; it's somewhat a reinvention of the browser history that Neeah is bringing to the table.

All accessed websites are displayed as large tiles, with the titles big and bold for easy recollection. Also, Neeah has its own search engine, allowing you to find swiftly the thing you only remotely remember of.

This is how Neeah's panel of accessed websites looks like

This is how Neeah's panel of accessed websites looks like

After installing the plugin, you also can actively engage with it, by adding tags or short posts about the content in order to remember what it's about. Another interesting feature is Groups, enabling users to talk with their friends on different subjects found while surfing online. According to Tammy Nguyen, founder of Neeah,

This idea grew out of my own frustrations associated with finding something I previously read online, but hadn’t thought to save or copy for later. With the continually growing vastness of the internet, re-finding an exact bit of information is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Tammy Nguyen, founder of Neeah

Tammy, who has been working with and for technology startups and Fortune 500 companies for more than 17 years, is helped in her endeavours by her brother Justin, a successful entrepreneur who led Maximum Information, an Internet tool development company, to be successfully acquired by NetManage.

For idea novelty, we give them 3.5/5.

For design, we give them 3.75/5 (simple to use, but not very innovative).

For user experience, 4.5/5.

For potential to scale, we give them 3.5/5.

OVERALL GRADE: 3.8125 out of 5. The product is nicely finished, and the people behind it are well-experienced to know what they're heading into. Evernote, Pocket and the likes, a new contender is in town.


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